Kermit Mercado Bio 2016


 Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Kermit Mercado is a web-based video producer & photographer specializing in short-form, commercial marketing. A 2012 graduate of the Video Production program at The Art Institute of New York, Kermit states there is a“very wide cocktail of experiences that have brought me where I am today.” He is influenced most by the work of world-renown photographer Richard Avedon and film director and producer, Spike Jonze.


Honing his skills over the years from various freelance projects, Kermit believes he has a duty to tell a story and find a unique angle that others may not pursue as a content creator. With branded content as a specialty, clients over the years include: Hasselblad Bron Inc., NBC, Wacom, VICE, NYC FotoWorks, and ProMaster, among others.


2016 has marked the year of his original web-series entitled First Kiss. The straightforward film format is a collection of interviews of various individuals regarding their first kiss experiences. The project is ongoing and marks Kermit’s first personal project since graduating art school. He aims to submit the series for film festival consideration.


Kermit plans to embark upon larger projects in the field of short-form commercial projects, to tell the stories of brands and individuals on a mass scale.  This is just the beginning.